CO2 lasers

CO2 Lasers

  • Three Mitsubishi 3600 watt lasers with 5’X10’ cutting tables and exchange tables to provide maximum efficiency.
CNC mill machines

CNC Mill Machines

  • Machined production pieces to customer specifications.
  • Fixturing and tooling to aid in production can be machined in-house.
CNC press breaks

CNC Press Brakes

  • Multi-station forming allows for complicated forming operations to be done in one process providing the most accurate parts and a more efficient production process.
  • Segmented European precision ground tooling allows for most parts to be formed without the need for additional tooling.
MIG welding, TIG welding

MIG & TIG Welding

  • Multiple stations allow welding for steel, stainless steel and aluminum parts in the fabrication process.
CMM machine

CMM Machine

  • Certified equipment that measures and documents the accuracy of part dimensions.
  • This allows us to provide the highest quality product to our customers.

Advantages of CO2 Laser

No tooling costs for initial set-up or if revisions are needed.

Faster switch-over times providing for seamless production.

Flexibility in nesting allowing for higher material yields.

CO2 Laser Capabilities

Ability to process a wide array of materials and thickness.

  • .002 to 1.000 inch thick steel
  • .002 to .500 inch thick stainless steel
  • .002 to .250 inch thick aluminum
  • .002 to .125 inch thick brass and copper

Ability to hold tolerances as close as +/- .002 of an inch.

Allows for unlimited production of parts without the risk of tolling, nozzle or electrode wear associated with other methods of production.

Easy to precisely duplicate production of various parts over time for our customers.

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